Residential Construction in Franklinton

If you’re considering a residential construction project, let us be the first to say congratulations! A residential construction project gives you total creative control, and allows you to create your dream home from the ground up.

It can be an overwhelming process if you don’t have an experienced company to rely on though, which is why it makes sense to hire the experts at TG Contracting in Franklinton.

Home Building Company

When it comes to choosing the best company to handle your residential construction project, it always pays to do your research. The right company is one that has a strong history of creating quality custom structures, and can provide clients with service that is second to none.

From the moment we pick up the phone until the second the job is complete, TG Contracting is fully dedicated to providing our clients with the best experience.

Skilled Residential Contractors

TG Contracting is made up of an extremely experienced group of individuals with diverse backgrounds. As general contractors, we are highly skilled in all aspects of construction. When you hire us for your residential construction project, you can rest easy knowing everything will be handled with a high degree of care and attention.

Quality Home Construction

It can be tempting to choose the company offering the lowest prices, but the reality is that many of the cheapest companies are able to offer low prices because they cut corners elsewhere. Whether it’s by using inferior materials or not following strict building and safety codes, selecting their services can often have unforeseen consequences.

Affordable Building Prices

At TG Contracting, we are able to offer affordable prices because we’ve been in the residential construction business for years. Over that period, we’ve established strong connections with suppliers, and are able to offer the best combination of afford ability and quality. You can count on us to get the job done right, the first time.

The Home Building Process

Every project starts with a plan. Designs must be sketched out, permits obtained and every aspect of the project must be finalized before construction can begin. From there, our team will work diligently to complete your future home well within the agreed upon time frame.

By making sure our clients fully understand how the construction process works, we ensure that everyone involved is on the same page throughout.

By only hiring certified individuals for our team, we are able to consistently deliver on our promise of superior service. Our staff is fully licensed and bonded, meaning that working with us is a risk-free venture for everyone involved.

Home Additions

Have you run out of space in your home but don’t want to move? Have you recently invited family or friends to stay with you on a long-term basis? Have you recently purchased a home that you knew was too small?

If so, you may be interested in a home addition from TG Contracting. Home additions are the perfect residential construction project for people looking to expand their home. Our home additions are designed to be perfectly integrated into the existing structure of your home. Both the addition and the original home will support one another.

At the same time, we’ll make sure to maintain the aesthetic continuity of the interior and exterior of your home. That way no one will even know that there was an extra section built onto it. Our goal is to create a seamless look.

Our team of residential construction experts is made up of everyone needed to build a home addition. From electricians to plumbers, from framers to foundation experts, our team has the skills and knowledge to help you realize your vision.

Deck Construction

Another great way to expand your home is by building a deck. By building a deck onto the back of your Franklinton home you can turn your backyard into an outdoor living room. Or, add a countertop and a barbeque and you’ll find yourself with an outdoor kitchen. The summers will never be the same once you have a deck to enjoy the long warm nights and the sunny mornings.

TG Contracting is one of the local leaders in deck construction. We can custom build a deck to suit any kind of property or house shape. Would you like a deck that wraps around your home? Or maybe a small patio-style one? Or maybe a deck for the second story of your home? Whatever you’re after, our residential construction crews are ready to get to work!

Framing for New Construction

Framing is the process of building the wooden skeleton of a home. Before there are walls, there has to be a frame. Before there’s a roof, there has to be a frame. Before the windows, doors, and floors, there has to be a frame.

TG Contracting offers framing services for new residential construction projects in and around Franklinton. Without a proper, well-built frame, buildings lack the structural integrity they need to last. Bad framing can lead to flexibility, cracked walls, and problems with roofs and floors. You need a company that has a portfolio of successful projects behind them. And in Franklinton, that company is TG Contracting.

We bring our extensive knowledge of commercial and residential construction to every framing project. It gives us a broad view of what needs to be done, even when we’ve been contracted to do one minor part. This ability to keep the big picture in view has made TG Contracting one of the region’s best crews to work with. And it is an essential part of what makes our framing services stand out among the best in the business.

Contact Our General Contractors

We go the extra mile for our Franklinton clients because we want them to be happy in their new homes. Our goal is to provide every client with the house of their dreams, so if you have something in mind give us a call today.

One of our experienced contractors would be happy to answer any questions you may have, as well as set up a meeting to discuss the specifics of your project. We look forward to working with you!